Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis Plant

  • Reverse Osmosis Plants are used to purify water with the removal of salts and other water based impurities that further helps in the improvement of color, taste and other water properties. The plant is also used for the purification of glycol and ethanol and many more. High quality reverse osmosis membrane elements are used to ensure flawless operation.
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Ultra Filtration

  • UF system is generally installed after effective pre-treatment depends upon the water nature. Either it will be well or bore-well water or surface water available in ponds, lakes, rivers etc. will have fine silt and even colloidal silica in some water. Our UF system using leading UF membrane manufacturers like NORIT, TORAY etc. will address the fine silt and colloidal silica removal.

Nano Filtration



Activated Carbon Filtration

  • The activated carbon filters we manufacture are widely used to remove suspended particles, turbidity, odor, color and iron present in the raw water. These filters provide fresh water and are easy to operate.

Pressure Sand Filtration

  • Our assortment of pressure sand filters finds extensive application for removing turbidity, suspended particles, color, odor and iron that are present in raw water with minimum pressure drop.

Chemical Dosing Systems

  • We fabricate optimum quality chemical dosing systems that offers correct quantity of dosing chemical in the stream.These chemical dosing systems are used in different chemicals such as acids, alkali, chlorine, anti-scalent, alum, polyelectrolyte and others. Moreover, we also have the ability to customize our range as specified by the clients.



Softening Systems

  • Water as such in nature after percolating through earth will naturally dissolves minerals and becomes saline depends on the earth strata. This includes hardness causing salts such as Calcium and Magnesium and other natural minerals like sodium, potassium of positively charged ions which will be entangled with negatively charged ions like chlorides, sulphates, fluorides, Nitrates, phosphates etc. in nature. The hard water contains more hardness which consumes more detergents while washing, bathing and even in floor cleaning.We provide both salt and resin based softeners, which will remove hardness and give soft water for domestic usage as well as for industrial use


  • Our demineralization plant performs efficiently in purifying and removing varieties of impurities from water. Equipped with advanced filters, our demineralization plant helps in faster removal of odors, colors and related harmful chemical contaminants. Water treatment through demineralized water system makes water safe for drinking by using different types of ion exchanging resins
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